Woody the Koala Sponsorship


Woody’s arrival into our care was a little bit of a mystery as he was found on his own, without his mother. Woody and Buzz were put into care together, though at first, they weren’t sure about each other, they’ve since become good friends. It’s important that joeys are buddied up around the same size, otherwise one will start “piggy backing” the other, this then stresses the one being piggy backed. Both Buzz and Woody had separate baskets, their own teddy bears and slept in their own pouches, but often you would find them where they weren’t meant to be. In the middle of the night, there would often be furball party involving Baloo, Woody and Buzz as the cheeky trio were determined to keep our carers and volunteers on their toes at all hours. As Woody is growing, he’s starting to lose his fluffy baby features and his face is getting longer, he is sometimes mistaken as Baloo. You can sponsor Woody today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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