Storm the Koala Sponsorship


Storm had a very rough start to life, he was found in the middle of a road, clinging to his dead mother. The person who found them both was able to remove him, just before a truck ran right over the top. He was very traumatized and scared upon arrival and showed a lot of stressed behavior before settling in with the others who were very wary of him. Over time he got more settled and adventurous often found hanging off the smallest branch to get the best leaf in the house. He likes to be vocal with the other koalas and can often be found sitting on top of Squinty Sparrow or climbing to the highest point of the trees, just because he can. Storm is the adventurous one of the group and doing really well in care. You can sponsor Storm today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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