Squinty Sparrow the Koala Sponsorship


Squinty Sparrow was found by a man who was mowing his lawn, he was in very long grass, covered in ants with a terrible injury to his right eye. He was affectionately named Squinty. As he received treatment and his eye began to heal with medication the volunteers thought he should have a different name and he was dubbed Sparrow, because pirates wear eye patches. The two names stuck, and he became our Squinty Sparrow. He has a very funny personality and will often express how he feels, particularly if he’s put out first into the big tree and has to wait 5 minutes for a friend, you’ll catch him swearing and making it known that he isn’t happy. Squinty Sparrow has settled well into Mosswood and is doing really well in his recovery. You can sponsor Squinty Sparrow today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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