Poppy the Koala Sponsorship


Poppy is our small but mighty diva. Poppy arrived in our care weighing roughly 450 grams and would have certainly still been in mums’ pouch, however she was found by workers alone on the ground in a blue gum plantation and mum was never found. Despite her tiny stature, Poppy came roaring into our care with the biggest attitude, she was difficult to feed, threw tantrums and often refused to drink from the bottle, only taking small amounts from a teat and syringe. She made our carers work around the clock to get this little one to settle, but settle she eventually has. You can often find the carers at Mosswood having to coax Poppy down from trees and negotiate with her as she likes to do things her way on her terms and whilst this little one has settled from her initial introduction to Mosswood Wildlife, we think she’s set to be a diva for life. You can sponsor Poppy today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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