Nettle the Koala Sponsorship


Nettle was found by spotters sitting all alone on a pile of logs on a blue gum plantation that was being harvested. She was extremely stressed and terrified when she arrived at Mosswood and as a result was quite “bitey” towards her carers. As Nettle was very close in size to Chilli they were paired together and settled in quite nicely. Nettle is very quite and tends to stick with Chilli but in the mornings they often join Daisy, Poppy and Basil for a koala huddle up in the rafter hang out spot, which is something koalas in the wild do not do as they are quite solitary animals.  It seems to offer them comfort and a feeling of safety and security. You can sponsor Nettle today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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