Daisy the Koala Sponsorship


Daisy was found in a blue gum plantation on the ground alone. She had a nasty injury she had sustained to her right finger and her claw needed to be surgically removed when it failed to respond to the course of antibiotics she received. Daisy was quite small and would have only recently emerged from her mothers’ pouch, what we refer to as a front packer, clinging to mums chest as opposed to a back packer who rides on mums back. She was referred to as “sore finger girl” before receiving her name Daisy. A real snuggler, Daisy loves her sleep and can often be found cuddling her teddy bear and taking naps. Daisy is becoming more adventurous as time goes on and her finger has healed, and she is using it well. You can sponsor Daisy today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

Voucher Image