Chilli the Koala Sponsorship


Chilli is the newest addition here at Mosswood Wildlife, at only about 2kgs on arrival this little joey was very traumatized and quite “bitey”. Normally at this age, koala joeys would still be catching a joy ride on their mothers backs but unfortunately for little Chilli, he was found wandering on the road alone, with his mother nowhere in sight. Although he arrived very anxious and unsettled, he has slowly started to integrate with the other joeys here and has recently been introduced to Daisy, Poppy and Basil. Even though their first couple of encounters had him reserved and still quite nervous, he has since settled and the 4 of them can often be found in a koala huddle, which is something koalas in the wild do not do as they are quite solitary animals. Since these four have all lost their mothers, it seems to offer them comfort and a feeling of safety and security. You can sponsor Chilli today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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