Buzz the Koala Sponsorship


Buzz had a very sad start to life, after his mother was attacked by a dog and couldn’t be saved due to the significant injuries she sustained. Upon his arrival Buzz was buddied up with Woody and the two took a little while to warm to each other and could often be seen play fighting and needing a stern “Oi” from carers to keep them in check. Buzz loves to eat and whenever he has access to fresh leaf the excitement can’t be hidden. He also loves his sleep and is actually a really heavy sleeper, often falling asleep in hilarious positions. Buzz is one of the fuzziest babies at Mosswood, with his fuzzy face and ears. He’s also a bit of a smoocher and can sometimes be spotted giving kisses to the other koalas when he thinks no one is looking, but we have video! You can check out more of Buzz on our social media, behind the scenes. You can sponsor Buzz today and your sponsorship will go directly towards the feeding and veterinary care of the animals we support.

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