Our Work

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible and go directly towards our life changing work.


We rescue, rehabilitate and release a variety of Australian Birdlife

We Work Hard

Our experienced rescue team respond quickly in times of emergency and disaster.

Our Work

Animals We Care For

Helping Australian Wildlife is how we give back to the land that brings us so much joy. It is our responsibility to save Australia’s wildlife from the impact of development and deforestation.

  • We are passionate about the conservation of Australia’s native animals and the land they live on
  • We are committed to being an organisation demonstrating animal welfare best practice
  • We provide the finest care to wildlife, we are guided and supported by highly experienced people within the industry
Why we do,

What We Do

Ever increasing development and deforestation has resulted in a loss of habitat for Australian wildlife. Koalas and other native animals are being displaced. This makes them vulnerable to starvation, dog attack, and road traffic. Bushfire continues to impact wildlife, destroying habitat and causing injury and death. The Mosswood Wildlife team responds and provides essential care to each animal’s individual needs.

Some animals will be in our care for days, others for many months. Whether it is veterinary treatment, time to heal or rearing and feeding, we will do what it takes to get each animal ready for release. We rely on the generosity of our extended community to do this work, please consider supporting Mosswood Wildlife today. All donations of $2 are tax deductible and go directly towards our life changing work.


The Mosswood Wildlife team work with the Victorian Government in times of disaster. Working at the ground level in the aftermath of a bushfire is harrowing, dangerous and essential. We have seen animals terribly injured that are seeking help, food and water.

Once we are allowed and have clearance into the area, we will respond and react wherever possible.


In the 2020 Black Summer Fires the team were very involved in the recovery response to the Budj Bim fires. The devastation was extreme. One koala that touched our hearts will be remembered as Gentle Ben. Gentle Ben was in a terrible state. The burns on his feet were healing, he ate voraciously and was given hydration, antibiotics and pain relief but he had been too long in need of help, and developed an overwhelming infection and needed to be euthanised on welfare grounds only 48 hours later.

After the fires some animals remain, but their food sources have been destroyed. If these animals could be retrieved, assessed, treated and relocated to areas of unburnt forest it would help not just the koalas but the entire ecosystem. This is something we are seeking to work towards with the authorities.

Cape Bridgewater Disaster

Distressed, injured and dead koalas were found at a blue gum plantation in the state’s south-west. 160 koalas were rescued from a scene of untold and unnecessary cruelty.  Many needed to be put down, and more than 80 came to Mosswood Wildlife. The team has the skills and expertise to respond, but a disaster of this magnitude stretched our resources to breaking point. 

All the koalas that we saw were traumatised, dehydrated and thin.  Many unfortunately did not make it. This incident has proven once again how necessary our work is. The Mosswood Wildlife team will continue to work hard advocating for these animals, we will educate and lend our expertise to bring about change and to minimise harm.



Mosswood Wildlife care for many different birds.

From penguins, lorikeets, royal spoonbill, a variety of sea birds, owls and more. We are very well set up for sea birds with an enclosed area with a salt pool. 

We assess their health and give treatment based on each individual’s requirements. Mosswood provides a refuge while they take the time they need to heal, and ultimately we release them back where they will have the best opportunity to flourish in their natural environment.

All animals in images throughout the website have received care from Mosswood.