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The Gum Tree Gang is our name for the community of regular supporters whose generosity and kindness enables us to rescue, feed, house, medically review/treat, rehabilitate and release the native animals who come into our care. The greatest support you can provide is through a regular gift that we can use to continue conducting our critically important work, protecting and nurturing the animals who find themselves at Mosswood Wildlife.

How you can have an ongoing impact

In Australia, koalas in Victoria have not yet been officially listed as Endangered under Federal legislation as some of their interstate friends have been already. But this is not an endorsement of the viability and longevity of our koala population. Numbers are reducing and will continue to reduce if we don’t look after our furry friends. At Mosswood Wildlife we do not want to wait until koalas are listed as “Endangered” to act – and this is where YOU can have a significant impact!

Your support will help us protect our koalas


Can provide gum leaves (known as “leaf”) for our hungry koalas.



Can help fund advocacy work related to habitat protection for vulnerable native wildlife.



Can provide around-the-clock feeding and care for orphaned Koala Joeys.


Can aid in all costs related to Vet initial assessment of injured koalas.




Can be used for blankets that are used for newly rescued koalas.




Can provide bottles of milk to feed our young koala joeys.




Supports the costs relating to the rescue of injured koalas.



Our Gum Tree

Gum trees are pivotal in providing a home, food and shelter for koalas. They provide shade in the hot summer months, a place to look after joeys when they’re born, and are a tasty meal (if you’re a koala!).

This particular tree has 100 leaves, waiting for the first 100 regular supporters to join the Gum Tree Gang. You have the opportunity of having your name on a leaf of this tree, showing your passion for native Australian animals by becoming a founding member of Mosswood’s Gum Tree Gang!

Join the Gum Tree Gang today – with either a regular weekly or monthly donation – and let’s see our Tree grow!

*Donors that are a part of our Gumtree Gang for 12 months

*Donors that are contributing $20 per month of more

Mosswood Wildlife is a non-profit registered charity so all donations made are tax deductible.